Welcome to Sea- Renity Massage and Skin.  Lindsey Salanga-Ratcliff, LMT, CMT, LE has been practicing the art of therapeutic massage therapy in Virginia and in North Carolina since 2004. She attended Virginia School of Technology and Edgar Casey Massage for Massage Therapy degree. After a few years later Lindsey went to American Spirit Institute for her Basic and Master Esthetic degree in Virginia. She is an active member of the American Massage Therapy Association and currently certified in VA and licensed in NC. 

Lindsey incorporates Swedish, Deep tissue, Reflexology, Sports Massage, Hot Stones and Cupping Therapy in her services. By looking over your health information and preferences from your client intake form she will customize your massage to fit your individual needs. 

Regular massages have been proven to improve circulation, strengthen connective tissues, improve mental alertness, strengthen the immune system, promote more restful sleep, and much more. Maintain your health and well-being with regular therapeutic massages with Lindsey here on the Outer Banks in North Carolina.

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About services 

Swedish Massage

Indulge yourself with this relaxing technique that involves long broad strokes, with kneading and friction, to improve circulation and alleviate stress and fatigue. Perfect for those who seek simple relaxation.

60 Minutes $120

90 Minutes $165

Deep Tissue Massage

An intensive treatment that combines stimulating massage techniques to melt fascia in over-stressed muscles.  This massage opens the joints and works out the stress with unique stretches and trigger point therapy to release tension.

60 Minutes $120

90 Minutes $165

Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy is an alternative therapy dating back to ancient times to help decrease pain and refreshing the body. The cups create suction which allows the body to stimulate healing and other healthy processes in that area. Cupping therapy works by placing heat inside the therapeutic cups. When the cups are positioned on the client's skin, the heat creates a vacuum and suction. This suction forces open the skin’s pores, causing any stagnant blood to rise to the surface. As this takes place, new blood circulates under the area. some benefits of cupping are,

  • Pain relief
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Increased blood flow
  • Enhanced relaxation
  • Detoxification

60 minutes $130

90 minutes $175

Hot Stones & Hot Shells

Warmed river stones are incorporated with classic Swedish massage techniques in this deeply relaxing full-body massage. Releases muscle tension, increases circulation, and flexibility.

Hot Shells is a great add on to any massage. The heat from the shells allows relaxation of the nervous system and tensed muscles. Because of its enveloping effect, this massage is recommended against stress and fatigue. It also promotes better blood and lymphatic circulation.

60 Minutes $140

90 Minutes $205


Reflexology therapy will leave you walking on clouds. This ancient ritual focuses on pressure points on the soles of your feet, restoring energetic pathways throughout your body.

60 Minutes $130

Body Scrubs 

There are three different types of brown sugar scrubs available. Sugar contains AHA or Alpha Hydroxy Acid which is an excellent exfoliant. It will exfoliate the top layer of your skin to eliminate the dead skin cells and reveal the natural skin glowing. After the scrub I will apply a hydrating moisturizer finished with a scalp massage.

60 minutes $ 130

90  minutes $175

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